5/8 ~ Guitar Extravaganza

The Guitar Extravaganza
Five Towns College guitar Extravaganza has been recognized as the premier guitar concert event in the country. Under the direction of Peter Rogine, this concert often features music exactly as recorded, demonstrating beautiful music that has thrilled DHPAC audiences year after year. Guitar lovers enjoy to attend and are impressed with the professionalism of the concert that includes a simultaneous media presentation. Afterward, there is a Meet-the-Artist-and-their-Classic-Guitars Reception. Each Extravaganza has some special surprises both at the concert and afterwards.

Fall Guitar Festival
The Fall Festival of Guitar started in 2004 after several successful guitar presentations at the college. Held on the third weekend of October, the event features a diverse array of premier international guitar soloists in all styles, including jazz, classical and acoustic guitars. The event is partially supported by a variety of corporate and state sponsors. This weekend event is designed to educate, celebrate and entertain fans of the guitar of all ages and cultures.

Guitar Clinics
Guitar Clinics and Online Instructional Video Lessons http://www.learnintwo.com/
Learn in Two is a public service of Five Towns College. It is intended to promote the appreciation of Jazz/Commercial Music and the study of professional musicianship. Learn In Two offers a FREE guitar lesson every two weeks! If you are a beginner guitar player it’s an easy way to learn guitar and if you are an intermediate or advanced guitar player it’s a fun way to sound and play like many famous artists such as Clapton, Hendrix, and other guitar icons! Each lesson features a different style of music from Jazz to Rock to Blues and more and is a fun way to actually play in just Two Minutes!! Located in Dix Hills, Long Island New York, Five Towns College offers bachelors, masters, and doctoral programs in Jazz/Commercial Music. For more information on Five Towns’ degree programs go to www.ftc.edu. To become a Learn In Two subscriber click “MORE INFO” to receive information about college courses, future lessons, upcoming clinics and enter for a chance to win a free lesson with Professor Briody at Five Towns College. The site is FREE, no strings attached so sign up today!